The questions asked and our responses are below. Support Democracy andsubscribe to a newspaper. $6,599,000 USD. So four decades, down to five years, plus or minus. Affordable housing shortage has long been a problem in SWFL. It wasnt hurting in the least. The legal action in Minnesota's U.S. District Court against TPI, Torgerson and others seeks to "recover losses (and) obtain monetary and appropriate or remedial relief.". The immediate area and beach will be pristine in advance of our opening. The average family cant afford to stay at JB resorts and hotel. Obviously there are some that are gonna take a little bit longer, some that took on more damage, some that lost everything.. You have great days, you have bad days but we are having way more great days than bad days., Dammermann said my heart goes out to the ones who lost their homes and businesses., Editor Nathan Mayberg can be reached at, Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jacki Liszak speaks about the businesses still open on Fort Myers Beach. There may be several annoying factors that come with a large hotel complex, but nothing can quite match the annoyance of the predawn arrival of dempsey dumpster vehicles. The shell of the building, grounded in cement, is largely all there though there is still much work to be done. Firefighters are battling several brush fires in Charlotte County; the one off McCall Road threatens several buildings, including a church. This was proposed to run the landward side of the beach to the north past Times Square and south past our property down to Schuckers. It's really, really sad. Our prediction is FMB will become the jewel of SWFL in the not-too-distant future. The regular garbage is usually collected during daylight hours. A tent pitched on Fort Myers Beach has many people asking what is underneath. Now they have a second chance to do the right thing do you think youre council or your government will? Lol totally Thats what I was thinking What happened to those people I come from a town where you couldnt build over 5 stories What hesitation if any did you have on resuming the project, ANSWER: NONE. Between poor water quality and damage from Hurricane Ian, this years wildlife surveys hold extra weight, and researchers are paying special attention to Floridas winter shorebird count. Functional could also describe the elevated path that will be donated to local government. SOLD FEB 15, 2023. We are just 71 days post Ian with dramatic improvements of services, debris removal both on land and sea and planning our future. Copyright 2023 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. MARGARITAVILLE RESORT - FORT MYERS BEACH. Their comprehensive land use plan, that's a herculean task over a period of years, they hope to have that done by 2023 years. And just like that, into place went a 70-foot pedestrian gangplankwith theaim of making it safer to cross Estero Boulevard while providing greater access to the new resort targetedto open about 13 months from now. If I was part of Fort Myers Beach youd bet youre bottom dollar I would have raised heck at that council everyday to stop that going through!! Fox 4's Colton Chavez was on Fort Myers Beach where the new Margaritaville Resort marked a major milestone. And it's essential because it will cast the die for how the island will go forward and where those things will happen", he said. "But one of the positive parts of Ian, is that it sped up that process in about a 5 year plus or minus timeframe. FMB: It's locals' shorthand for Fort Myers Beach, one of Lee County's sassiest, saltiest, most get-down communities. TPI's making other moves with the bottleneck in mind, removing more than a half-dozen previous ingresses and egresses along the congested main two-lane drag. TPI Chief Operating Officer Robert Kisabeth said he expects the construction of Margaritaville on Fort Myers Beach to be completed by the end of the year. This devastation is horrible for someone who called Ft Myers her home. More:Will Margaritaville, Lani Kai on Fort Myers Beach push on in Hurricane Ian aftermath? Tourism is huge here. This area took decades to develop the personality it had. How far behind did Ian put you? So, investing in the beaches is a priority, and the mayor of Fort Myers Beach said that is precisely what the projects will do. Work was delayed by Hurricane Ian and is now due for. I believe it wouldnt Have mattered anyway because that was bought and paid for somehow or another..look at who is in charge of your councilmaybe an Audit is in order . I stayed next door at the Lighthouse each summer. October 1, 2022 An update on on the Margaritaville Resort that was under construction in Fort Myers Beach: From TPI Hospitality on 9/30/2022: As you have been seeing in today's news, our TPI family experienced a horrific event in the form of Hurricane Ian. For Sale: 2 beds, 2 baths 940 sq. "As professionals in real estate in this room, I would encourage you, if you have any interest in Fort Myers Beach, that you read these iterations as they come forward. The developers of the Margaritaville Resort in Fort Myers Beach held a topping-off ceremony Friday morning as they put the last beam on top of the $200 million project. on Fort Myers Beach | In the Know Phil Fernandez. How much should your insurance company pay, and can an adjuster stack on costs? Some struggle with things being built to code, but- most of the things that were wiped out were built early 50s 60s when there wasnt the building code if you look at the new Wahoo willies structure ( near nervous nellies, that was just built (it would fit the old sleepy beach town of Fort Myers Beach BUT was also built to code- it survived its unbelievable when you see the footage it has a thatched roof still in place and looks virtually unscathed. 15 big projects coming this year and beyond to SWFL. FORT MYERS WINK News' March to a Million Meals raises more than $536K In a post, Margaritaville said, "we are viewing this as the highest impact issue for our resort." WINK News asked. Also, no local clientele since there are no homes. Margaritaville Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach is scheduled to open in fall 2023. Fort Myers Beach is in the process of recovering from Hurricane Ian. Margaritaville Fort Myers Beach is set to open 2023! . Construction broke ground in August 2021 and ideally will conclude by summer 2023, per the News Press. The biggest thing is really the electric, copper, door frames, sliding doors and the construction materials lost in the hurricane, he said. Situated within walking distance are a number of restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and bars, and near the new Margaritaville Resort. Its no longer hope, it's now determination and people are starting to breathe again, said Holzapfel. Rising: 15 big projects coming this year and beyond to SWFL. There was a report that a second Margaritaville resort was being built on Lofton's Island, but that later proved to be false. And of course their argument is that the city, county, and state will benefit from increased revenue. When are they ready? The beach town where it was a great place to fish- not party. Sorry . While it appears there were no injuries to any of our co-workers, the scars experienced in and around both properties are significant. Margaritaville on Fort Myers Beach taking shape including pedestrian overpass. As part of thanking its construction crews for their work, TPI provided lunch to more than 150 workers at the Lighthouse Resort Friday. But, it will become a playground for the rich.". He has lived on the island and is a commercial realtor for CRE Consultants. It just brings a smile to my face, Town Mayor Dan Allers said. Margaritaville Beach Resort hopes to open in the fall, but there is no set date yet. Vaughan said the grief was not linear, its waves. Vaughan said I want to come home. Vaughan said the Riviera Club, where she lives, has electricity but no elevators and no plumbing. She doesnt know when she can go back. In retrospect, the CPS could have saved most of the downtown area of FMB, not from the flooding, but from the structural devastation the waves of Ian caused. The resort celebrated its topping-off ceremony, a celebration that marks the finishing touches. But others note how that section of the island had deteriorated, escalated in part by Hurricane Charley's violent strike almost two decades ago. Just send the almighty dollar to the Margaritavillian. You will be a leader in bringing back FMB. In those mobile home parks today, there are less than 1000 that still remain. Add to that the many experience amenities that are encompassed into our Margaritaville Resort, make it an inclusive experience destination resort. Seriously, Times Sq. Allison Christian faces a charge of aggravated animal cruelty, according to an arrest report. He could have built it over the other side of the bridge rather than right at that point. We're waiting to hear back from TPI representatives. Sheetrock is going in as we speak, plumbing, electric, you name it.. The tent is going to be an adult entertainment nightclub. $332,000 Last Sold Price. See now I gotta find out now I gotta do the digging and now I gotta get involved because now it bugs me Lol I feel sorry for that council. So when the right developer applies for a variance its no telling what may happen. We will ensure a great working environment, more of a family environment, and that will be coupled with likely the best tipped income environment in the greater area. The first 60 seconds of the video show the destruction in the Times Square area, with Margaritaville being the V-shaped cement structure appearing on the far-right side a few seconds into the video. Pedestrian bridge connecting Margaritaville properties on Fort Myers Beach placed, Pedestrian bridge connecting Margaritaville properties on Fort Myers Beach placed. The session comprised Margaritaville Resort developers Tom Torgerson and John Dammermann, of TPI Hospitality, and Stan Stouder, founding partner of CRE Consultants. I am confident that our island and our businesses and our residents will rebuild. JOIN THE TEAM! Demographics will be high, in terms of energy level, people, and wealth. Lee County announced that several beach parksLynn Hall Memorial Park, San Carlos Bay-Bunche Beach Preserve, Bonita Beach Park and Bonita Beach Accesses 1 to 10would reopen on Saturday. This []. I don't think I would have seen that in my lifetime," said Togerson. According to property rights, The character of Fort Myers Beach can be determined by who owns property there, not by a mob. I have worked all over the country and when new projects get introduced anywhere, people talk about the impact, said Cesario. However, a personal estimate as to when we will open up, has us doing so towards the end of 2023. Times Sq. I totally agree And really wonder how in Gods name that got passed in the 1st place!!! Love these resorts clean and updated, unlike the old moldy smell of hotels that were not updated. I have definitely not been in favor of this Margaritaville going in and now, its just about the only thing left standing down there. Fort Myers Beachs environmental services, along with FDEP, [], If you thought February was warm across southwest Florida, well you were right! Our fear is now big buildings will go up in their place any become way to commercialized. Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island is a seven-mile stretch of white sand on the Gulf of Mexico that took a direct hit during Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022, along w. Read on. In a separate deal, across the street from about where Margaritaville's lobby is slated, the house of Torgerson's daughter just closed and sold for $4.2 million. Concerns with car jamsstill haven't gone away, as a few of you have shared with me or via social media. Id have to look into what recourse Constituents have if any. And there's worries the $200 million modernization will affect the area's vibe. unfortunately For FMB people..I was not aware of the Atrocity until I read it online a couple of years ago. Not only was there a game, but college students showed up for a dunk contest. agree! For Sale: 2 beds, 2 baths 1160 sq. This happens every time a hurricane ravages and older beach community. "The beachneeded a revamp, or it was going to turn into Daytona.". ANSWER: We feel for the so many that have lost so much, just as our family members have also lost so much. Truly a benefit: Fort Myers Beach approves plans to restore, rebuild beaches, Winds stoke brush fires and prompt evacuations across Southwest Florida, Fort Myers High School hosts annual unified basketball game, Public adjuster answers your hurricane-related property insurance questions, What the number of winter shorebirds means for Florida, How bloodless open heart surgeries are performed, North Naples woman arrested after dog dies trapped in vehicle, After Hurricane Ian, Lee County reopening beach parks with free parking, Public memorial for Fort Myers Police Chief Derrick Diggs, Tent pitched as a temporary home for Fort Myers Beach strip club, Cleaning up dead fish on Fort Myers Beach: A lot of fish all over the place, 2nd Warmest February in Fort Myers & Looking Ahead to March, Matanzas Inn is close to reopening on Fort Myers Beach after Hurricane Ian, Discrimination accusations against leaders hang over PRIDE Cape Coral 2023, Bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz on 2023 SWFL Reading Festival, Record Friday heat and a windy end to the workweek, Can you eat seafood from Red Tide? Theres nothing like sitting down to a nice, freshly caught seafood dinner, but dead fish line our beaches right now. Margaritaville Fort Myers Beach; All TPI Opportunities; Contact; COMING SOON! No one on FMB was spared from Ian. "We're already seeing the town of Fort Myers is renovating. An update on the Margaritaville Resort Fort Myers Beach with questions on the resort and the grand opening after the damage from Hurricane Ian: We were recently interviewed by a SWFL newspaper. The Lee County Health Department said that the waters near Lynn Hall Memorial Park, near Time Square, were tested and have alert levels of Red Tide. Beach Cams Fort Myers reported its 2nd warmest February on record, as our average temperature, a combination of the morning low & afternoon high, was 73.7. Such a lot of regard for the achievements of this astounding association, our organization Covered Wellbeing Surfacing Florida would be respected to have a chance to present a statement for Security Surfacing in any of the undertakings that might require a lovely new safe Elastic Surface and Reinforced Elastic Mulch for an upkeep free property. And what that means is the topping off of the structure.. Now, bottom part got dinged, but my understanding is thats how its supposed to work. Keep up on the progress of construction on the TPI-Fort Myers Beach Facebook page They are not even required to have flood insurance and most were not because of the insurance costs. We had 14 years of nothing happening in Times Square and then TPI comes along and they had a plan., They have really done a really outstanding job getting everything cleaned up and back into reconstruction,, Sheetrock is going in as we speak, plumbing, electric, you name it., I am here to tell you, profoundly, that we dont know,, The good news is everyone knows supply chain is an issue across the country. Debris. This week, the town council unanimously approved two projects. [Friday] is the topping off of the building. Fort Myers has been touting its downtown area, access to the Gulf from the River, easy access to Miami across Alligator Alley, its relative closeness to Disney World, and its islands that were unaffected by the hurricane. Such being that nobody wanted it here to begin with. I know people dont like change and want things to stay the same but they just dont and we need restaurants and hotels I am thankful that the city Council is going to allow food trucks on the properties of the restaurants that lost everything so that is an option for them if they are going to rebuild. I have some sadness towards that. Students, staff, family, and friends came together on Friday for the annual unified basketball game at Fort Myers High School. Plans, records show, call for a $1.1 million project for the permanent . Its a big week for us, said Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers. It seems to be a little bit of misunderstanding about the six-foot berm or six-and-a-half-foot berm. 7:50 PM EST, Mon January 23, 2023 A A FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - The sounds of construction echo around Fort Myers Beach, particularly at the Margaritaville resort, which is an obvious. But dont put guns to the heads of other property owners telling them how to use their property. It is a visual validation of the progress that has been made. The area should be zoned commercial. All the beach residents to sign the waivers are the easements, I should say, the 15-year easements to be able to do the berm as well as the beach renourishment, Allers said. We have been going to FMB for 20 years, and since retirement spend two months there each winter. Margaritaville TPI Hospitality is in the process of building a Margaritaville Resort on Estero Boulevard in the downtown district of Fort Myers Beach. New York Times bestselling thriller author Gregg Hurwitz, creator of the Orphan X series, will be in Fort Myers at the 2023 Southwest Florida Reading Festival on Saturday. Jimmy dont care. On Friday, businesses like TJ Holzapfels Rude Shrimp Co., which was destroyed during Hurricane Ian, are back in business. The long-term berm is a terrace of a beach that has formed on the backshore. Allison Christian faces a charge of aggravated animal cruelty, according to an arrest report. I hated that the margaritaville was going in. More:What thousands of you told me about FMB Margaritaville expansion; and new housing rules 4. Anyhow, I think their presence only invites other large developers to drop anchor there. All you should be able to do is prevent them from creating a nuisance. The only February hotter was in 2018, with an average temperature of 74.9. Allers said the issue of an obstructed view should officially be in the rearview. ANSWER: The opportunity now exists for the Town to address factors such as parking and housing for the community. Who is sitting on the board and how much DID they get paid?? But if they build something that you merely think is ugly or you dont like subjectively, thats tough. Congratulations on so much success..Best Regards, Well done Margaritaville!! "You can get that type of beach atmosphere anywhere,"Cape Coral resident Debbie Henry said of the254-room Jimmy Buffett-themedventure. Here is drone footage taken by Brian Kennedy on Monday before the rain came. We have been boots on the ground ever since the day after the storm, helping in any way we can. I think everybodys just ready, said Fort Myers Beach resident Brenda Schmidt. The resort celebrated its topping-off ceremony, a celebration that marks the finishing touches being completed on the top floor of a hotel. Anything else youd like to share? to be The fact that when you crossed that bridge and saw the beautiful beach and gulf, made fmb that much more special. Read the latest news. Good luck. Photo: TPI Stonehill Strategic Capital, a lending division within Peachtree Hotel Group, has provided TPI Hospitality with $104 million in construction debt for the buildout of its long-planned Margaritaville Resort in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., Commercial Observer has learned. Stouder encouraged the audience to keep an eye on the evolving land use plan from the Town of Fort Myers Beach as building codes change as a result of the hurricane. Photo by Nathan Mayberg. When there is nothing else there. . We are going to send people down to you, they aren't going to want to eat Margaritaville all the time, said Holzapfel. I guess I support the building code because its is a barrier island, Structures should be built for a cat 4/5 hurricane and unfortunately thats very very expensive but we hope to never see peoples homes wiped out and loss of life like this again. Margaritaville resort looks to serve as beacon for rebuilding Fort Myers Beach, "Thank you, Mrs. Knox": Retired Bishop Verot teacher gets Jeopardy! 1,768 Sq. Totally agree!! Those mobile home parks are homes to retirees, they were homes to service personnel. I was happy something is going up there. David Cesario, the General Manager of Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach, said it's an expected feeling. On Friday, that resiliency strengthened, according to Allers, by the number of jobs the nationwide resort will bring. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK. TPI is also lobbying hard to retain the FMB Beach Elementary School on island. We would have loved to open alongside the many businesses that previously existed, however, their absence will not deter people from wanting to come to the resort. A once-popular hotel on Fort Myers Beach is getting ready to welcome guests back, but there are some major changes in store for those guests. In an unsigned message posted by the Margaritaville Resort Fort Myers Beach Facebook page on Thursday, it was stated that the TPI-backed project was expecting a "financing term sheet" this past Friday with hopes that construction could start sometime in early 2021 as part of a two-year . The video in the link below illustrates the unbelievable devastation in and around the Fort Myers Beach area. It's been a long 6 year odyssey for TPI developers, but their hope is to put shovels in the ground in May or June and if all goes according to plan, Margaritaville could be open in a little over two years. That correct, & what happened? The berm, the emergency berm, is the one that were talking about. I think they do a good job, said Cesario. 'Old Florida is gone' but what will new Southwest Florida look like post-Ian? At a ceremony held Friday near the Waistina Way (like the Jimmy Buffet song Margaritaville) beach access which the developers gave the town along with a new parking lot in exchange for its Canal St. beach access, TPI celebrated construction on its Margaritaville buildings being completed on the top floor. A modern luxury flip-flop community, a paradise, said Torgerson, calling out to the rest of the audience, "A new gold rush is on in Southwest Florida, please come join us and participate. "Those properties, many of them are larger in acreage, 20 - 30 acres lots, they're going to reframe the entryway to Fort Myers Beach.". FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla Many business leaders on Fort Myers Beach are looking at the incoming Margaritaville resort as something that will change the island for the better. We hated seeing Margaritaville come to the beach. Before the 2020 construction of the digs, land records show the property sold for $800,000 in 2018. It will be Miami Beach West. The survival of the building has given the developers enough confidence to continue to bet on Fort Myers Beach by recently purchasing the nearby Silver Sands property for $7.1 million to expand the Margaritaville site. Certainly, we want to be a part of that recovery for the entire island. The 2022-2023 season, however, brings a bit of panache to traditional FMB conceptions as the town spiffs up and gets a . They dont give a rats behind about character or loss of charm. You could have heard a pin drop, as they shared their vision for a redeveloped Fort Myers Beach. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The city needs a height ordinance for buildings. Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jacki Liszak brought up the owners of local businesses to the podium to bring attention to many of the businesses back open. How will it affect beach traffic? corridor explodes: 24chains, diners, apartments, more coming, Most expensive home in Naples history sells for $62M, shatters record, 'Astounding numbers' putSWFL on top nationally for rent increases, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Nearby homes similar to 265 Tropical Shore Way have recently sold between $425K to $1,200K at an average of $620 per square foot. Former Fuccillo Kia part of liquidation that includes jet, other sales | In the Know, In the Know: Your questions about new Costco, Trader Joe's coming to SWFL, Sprouts prepares debuts on Cape, Fort Myers; plans to double Fla. sites, Pandemic-driven 'reboot' for Mercato: possible breweries, expanded plaza, Flurry of Founders Square firsts; hot Collier corner; and latest on Buc-ee's land, 'Musclingthrough challenges.' FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. On Friday, the Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach was one step closer to opening. Thats what I want to know, Now its gonna look like a mini Vegas.. oh Joy.. HECK 1:38 A federal lawsuit filed last week against TPI Hospitality ties into its Fort Myers Beach Margaritaville resort under construction. I have no stake in it at all. Its been a 3 1/2-month journey for locals, from thousands of pounds of debris being picked up to the first FEMA trailer being delivered, numerous visits from the state, city, and county officials working together to rebuild this town, and the beach finally reopening. Bob, Whats your stake in Margaritaville? What do you have in mind for workers? The atmosphere of Times Sq. I hope not. The tent is going to be an adult entertainment nightclub. Times Square cant be replaced. Property rights, folks. $810,000 Last Sold Price. Please enjoy the live beach cams and traffic cams below for a real-time peek at what's happening on Fort Myers Beach! "At the time of Ian, we were already into probably a three to four decade organic redevelopment of the island. A new one, activated by commercial development in quality and taste equivalent to Mercato. As for when Margaritaville will open, I know a lot of the media outlets have been asking us when our opening date is. The image below details just []. We went for the exact reason you are all commenting on. Hundreds of dead fish line Southwest Floridas beaches and many people cant stand the smell or sight on Fort Myers Beach. At 17 feet above the Earth, the overpass comes with public restrooms to go with a pair of elevators and stairways. It will become the Island of Nobody, filled with huge corporate mansions that nobody ever visits and overpriced hotels and restaurants for the elite only. A Sinatra song, not a Buffett ballad, came to mind as the new Margaritaville bridge lowered over Fort Myers BeachFriday morning. But they wont come if nothing is here. Please keep checking back. wont even be back. What we know, In the Know:Is Indiana emerging as more desirable than Southwest Florida? Donald Trump Jr. Mocked For Most Head-Spinningly False Claim About His Dad Yet. One of the biggest issues people are dealing with when it comes to insurance after Hurricane Ian is property damage. They were a less expensive rent for people who provide goods and services to hotels, motels, restaurants and could afford to stay.". A SWFL Margaritaville mystery comes to light. It was clear that they were going to help the town come back. He has the means to do it, and it would be a good investment as nobody is going to want to come down there for one hotel when everything else is leveled. On Friday, the Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach was one step closer to opening. And Fort Myers Beach, as compared to Sanibel, as compared to Naples, has always kind of been a place where people from the Midwest, that were middle class, that could come and afford to take their families for a week or two vacation. Hundreds of dead fish line Southwest Floridas beaches and many people cant stand the smell or sight on Fort Myers Beach. Bob, Thanks, Loved FMB too. Can we fix it? Citified 8:17 PM EDT, Fri August 13, 2021 FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - Make way for Margaritaville the landscape of Fort Myers Beach is about to dramatically change. Real estate values to challenge those on a square foot basis of Naples. C, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 | 239-463-4421, done by the end of the year, no question., its very emotional. Tom Torgerson shared the TPI vision for Fort Myers Beach, which thanks to Ian, has now been accelerated. Nuisance may be the key word here for residents. More: Affordable housing shortage has long been a problem in SWFL. In Naples, city council authorized the city manager to spend up to $100,000 to expedite the cleanup of dead fish within the city waterways [].
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